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Your beautiful photo can be a special painting
or portrait gift for the holidays!

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The Process

All paintings start with a photo.  The photo is sized on the computer for the painting size ordered.  Next, an advanced painting program is used to paint with artistic digital tools, that mimic real paint brushes!  Use of a pressure sensitive tablet allows the artist to start with a blank canvas and apply the brushes much as one would real brushes and paint. No work is done directly on the photo.  An exciting medium, the digital painting allows the artist to create effects and textures not available with real paint and canvas.

See rollover to the left to view stepsI
Notice that a blue sky and an Amish buggy were added to the original picture.

When the watercolor painting is finished to the artist’s satisfaction, it is printed on acid free, cold press watercolor paper by a larger format,  high resolution printer using  top quality inks with a life of up to sixty years.  The painting is then sprayed with an art UV spray to protect it from UV rays.  Of course, no painting should be hung in direct sunlight.  It must be mounted on acid free backing and protected under glass. We recommend you have us mat the painting as all materials in the frame must be acid free!

The painting proof and invoice are emailed to you for approval and upon receiving a confirmation and payment,  your portrait is shipped in packing that will protect it from bending or moisture.    Your portrait will be signed by the artist. Reprints available at 60% of original cost. All matting is at the original cost.

Nan's Photography and Music Links

Nan is an exclusive audio artist and photographer under the name of 2windspa on, a royalty-free micro-stock site . If you need an inexpensive photo for design work or music to put on your web site, this is a good place to look. At this site, you can download a digital royalty-free file of different sizes. There is also a print option as well.

Nan's Photography Stock Portfolio Link
Istock Photography Portfolio

Nan's Audio (Music) Portfolio Link
Istock Audio Portfolio

Nan is also the photographer for Windy Hill Sheds, a shed and barn builder in Lancaster County, PA.
Windy Hill Sheds

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