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Perfect Photo Art
is still under construction!

Eventually we hope to have a more sophisticated system of ordering and payment.

For now, all we can offer is to download a pdf order form here.

You can either email it back or send it snail mail with your photo on a CD or DVD.

Email your photo and order form to:

Nan also has a store on Cafe Press. If you order and wish to see your art work on other products that you can purchase like clothing, gifts and etc., let us know and we will upoad it for no charge to Cafe Press on a variety of products from clocks to clothing.

Download your PDF order form and brochure here.

Brochure and Order Form

Nan's Photography and Music Links

Nan is an exclusive audio artist and photographer under the name of 2windspa on, a royalty-free micro-stock site . If you need an inexpensive photo for design work or music to put on your web site, this is a good place to look. At this site, you can download a digital royalty-free file of different sizes. There is also a print option as well.

Nan's Photography Stock Portfolio Link
Istock Photography Portfolio

Nan's Audio (Music) Portfolio Link
Istock Audio Portfolio

Nan is also the photographer for Windy Hill Sheds, a shed and barn builder in Lancaster County, PA.
Windy Hill Sheds

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