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Nan Peasé Brammer began her artistic life at age eight when she began to play the clarinet and also studied art with artist Lucia Comins, who was a Connecticut painter and teacher.

She continued both artistic studies through high school and college, taking art classes both in school and classes taught by area artists.  She has painted in oils, watercolor and acrylics.

From 1988-2002, Nan functioned as a graphic artist for the Encore Society of Music where she was employed as the music director and executive director for the 50 piece wind orchestra.

As part of her visual artistic duties for the concert season, she designed advertising promotional materials and ads for the concert program.  She has also painted watercolors and illustrated pen and ink drawings of area historical buildings, all in connection with Encore Society's concerts designed to bring together the visual and the aural arts.

Upon retirement from Encore in 2002, Nan and her husband moved to Lancaster, PA where she continues to perform on oboe, English horn and bassoon professionally and pursue her visual artistic goals by participating in area shows.

Nan is also a stock photographer with a portfolio on istockphoto.com. She is also an exclusive istock audio (Music) artist.

Nan's Photography and Music Links

Nan is an exclusive audio artist and photographer under the name of 2windspa on istockphoto.com, a royalty-free micro-stock site . If you need an inexpensive photo for design work or music to put on your web site, this is a good place to look. At this site, you can download a digital royalty-free file of different sizes. There is also a print option as well.

Nan's Photography Stock Portfolio Link
Istock Photography Portfolio

Nan's Audio (Music) Portfolio Link
Istock Audio Portfolio

Nan is also the photographer for Windy Hill Sheds, a shed and barn builder in Lancaster County, PA.
Windy Hill Sheds

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